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If you own a Hammond tonewheel organ, you MUST OIL IT! Oil it once a year, using only the proper oil. If you absolutely can not obtain this oil, sewing machine oil is better than no oil at all.

* If you own a Leslie cabinet, this too MUST BE OILED! The work is difficult, but we have done our best to describe how to carry it out. 50% of all Leslies now have worn axels.
* L-100s and M-100s which have been sawn off are quite common, and have descriptions like 'split model' or 'portable version'. These poor, amputated organs are awful. AVOID THEM! The factory made L-100P, Porta B, X-2, X-5, B-100, and B-250 are better.
* Leave 60Hz organs in the USA, where they belong. Do not take them to Europe, which has 50Hz electricity, where they cause all sorts of problems. AVOID 60Hz ORGANS!
* If you are a pianist, and play a Hammond as hard as a piano, you are DESTROYING your contact busbars. Replacing them is a nightmare.
* Most Hammonds and Leslies are now very old, and are reaching the end of their lives. Bear this in mind if you plan to acquire one. Models such as A-100, B-3, and C-3 (ABC organs) have little time left. All but a very few are dying!