In discussions on this website, reference is made to a variety of tasks that can be carried out on Hammond organs (largely concerning routine maintenance). The degree of complexity for each task is indicated by a grading system, from 1 to 5, the significance of each grade being as follows:

1 = A very simple job requiring no particular skills, and few tools.

2 = If you are handy, and have a reasonably equipped toolbox, you should manage this job.

3 = A complex job demanding skill and patience, and requiring a broad selection of standard tools as well as some special ones.

4 = A job for your organ engineer, with electrical and mechanical workshop facilities.

5 = Should be undertaken only by an experienced Hammond specialist, with full specialist workshop facilities and complete spare-part stock.

If you intend to do a job yourself, bear in mind the following:

  • Create a spacious working area for yourself, with bright general illumination. Have a strong, small torch at hand.
  • Keep everything really clean - the work surfaces, the floor, your hands - and clean off all dismantled components with a rag.
  • Work slowly and carefully, noting the order and orientation of the dismantled parts, or laying them out in order on a cloth.
  • In the absence of special jigs, fixtures and test gear, it can be useful to have another person at hand to assist you.